A Whole New Game

A Brother’s Best Friend Romance

Growing up, Corey Johnson was the guy of my dreams. Handsome, athletic, smart, and surprisingly kind to me– his best friend’s quirky little sister. I worshiped the ground the baseball star walked on, and it seemed like he and I might one day become more than friends.

But that was before Corey did something I will never be able to forget… or forgive.

Years later, I get my dream job working as the social media coordinator for my favorite professional baseball team. My life seems to finally be on the upswing. Until the team trades for… you guessed it… Corey freaking Johnson.

Now, I have to work with the man who broke my heart. I’m determined to keep my distance. But Corey seems to have other ideas…


A Whole New Game is a brother’s best friend standalone romance. HEA guaranteed.